Mini Neck Lift Before and After

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Are you getting older? No matter how much you try to hide your age, your wrinkled ‘Turkey Neck’ can reveal signs of aging.

The skin on the neck is thinner and needs to be treated carefully. We're glad to inform you that now you can reduce neck sagginess and wrinkles with a 'Mini Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty)'. It works best with your ‘real age’ which will help you to give a more youthful appearance.

While some people have a mindset that a mini neck lift is not much effective as a full neck lift but in reality, it provides a natural and fuller-looking neck with fewer risks, in fact, if you need to look younger, it's a great way to go.

In this blog, we will cover all the aspects of the mini neck lift procedure - How long it can last? How much will it cost in 2023? What are the risks and complications associated with this surgery?

Mini Neck Lift vs Full Neck Lift

The major difference between these two procedures is the area to be dissected or how much dissection you want. Many cosmetic surgeons make incisions only around-ear or under the chin to tighten neck muscles, known as the platysma muscle, to remove saggy skin.

Mini neck lift gives you the same results as the traditional (full) neck lift but with less scarring and fewer incisions. It is effective for mild jowl and saggy skin, with this minimally invasive procedure, you can have smooth contouring on your face.

The goal of a 'Platysmaplasty' is to reposition the soft and saggy tissues in the neck, remove excess skin around the jowls, and reshape the jawline with a younger and lifted appearance.

Mini Neck Lift Before and after

A 72-year-old woman undergoes an amazing neck lift transformation. This procedure is done by the facial plastic surgeon Danny Soares, MD – United States.

Mini Neck Lift Before and After (Photos)

Mini neck lift before and after photosMini neck lift before and after photosMini neck lift before and after photos

(Credit: Dr. Evan Ransom)

Benefits of a Mini Neck Lift

Platysmaplasty has been the choice of many early-to-mid-30s patients, it enhances your neck, chin, and jawline. This surgery has many benefits over traditional neck lifting surgeries:

  • Improved and contoured face
  • Reduces excess fat from the neck
  • Removes jowls and double chin
  • Tightens the loose tissues and saggy skin
  • Shorter treatment time with fast recovery
  • Smaller incisions are barely visible

The 'Platysmaplasty' Procedure Video

So, here is the video of a 53-year-old woman who had wrinkles on her neck and loose skin. The surgeon did a neck rejuvenation procedure on her saggy neck.

According to her, after surgery, she had a youthful appearance and felt better about herself.

The procedure is done by Dr. Greg Mueller (Plastic Surgeon).

You can see her wonderful before and after results.


Mini Neck Lift Recovery Time & Side Effects

Platysmaplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery that improves the appearance of your neck, tightens the loose tissues, and removes the excess skin from the neck. The recovery time of a mini neck lift is fairly short and you may cover up the redness with makeup.

The average recovery time is about 6-7 days or a week, as small incisions heal faster than the traditional neck lift. You can come back to your normal routine within a week. 

This surgery is a minimally invasive and low-risk procedure, but it has some mild side effects such as:

  • Swelling and bruising for 3-4 days right after your surgery
  • It’s a less scarring procedure but it can go wrong and leave thick scars on your neck
  • Blood clots
  • Pain in the neck, chin, and ear
  • Bleeding and infections

However, the major side effects are rare i.e. severe bleeding or nerve injury.

Mini Neck Lift Scars

Minor scars occur, where small incisions are made, usually around-ear or under the chin. They are hardly visible and are healed over time and completely disappear after 12-18 months. You can use regular moisturizing and massaging techniques to reduce neck lift scars.

mini neck lift scars

Mini Neck Lift Cost

Mini neck lifts cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. However, the actual cost depends on the surgeon’s experience, how much dissection you want, or how much skin you want to tighten. It typically costs less than traditional face-lifting with fast recovery.

Factors that Affect the Final Cost

  • Type of neck lifting (mini or full lift)
  • Surgeon’s consultation fee
  • Your geographical location or area (cost vary region to region)
  • A surgical Neck lift or thread lift (Non-surgical)
  • Experience as a board-certified surgeon
  • Recovery expenses (medical prescriptions)


How long do mini neck lifts last?

This surgery can last up to five years easily. Results of any surgery can’t give you permanent results, you have to keep following the procedure after five to six years, as no one can stop the aging process.

Use sunscreen and maintain a stable weight, if you want a long-lasting result.

Although, a full face lifting can last up to ten years, relatively double a Platysmaplasty (neck surgery).

What is the difference between a mini neck lift and a neck lift?

A mini neck lift involves small incisions, a short procedure, and fast recovery time and is less expensive than the traditional neck lift.

On the other hand, a neck lift is more expensive but it gives you long-lasting results (up to 5 years).

How is a mini neck lift done?

It is usually done by creating small incisions behind the ear or under the chin to tighten the loose neck muscles with less scarring and fewer risks.

Does a mini neck lift help jowls?

Yes. It definitely helps to reduce your jowls. Many patients treat their jowls and double chin with a mini neck lift. It contours your full facial appearance involves reducing jowls, saggy neck, and unwanted double chin.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to lifting your neck, you have many options to consider, and a mini neck lift is a preferable procedure. It is an anti-aging technique that helps to improve the appearance of your neck. It reduces the vertical aging lines that start from the ear to the bottom of the neck. The risks associated with this procedure can be minimized with proper consultation and medical prescriptions.

Also, it involves general anesthesia and it takes two to three hours to complete. We hope that you got the basics of a mini neck lift that will help you to make a decision to treat your wrinkled neck.