Jawline PDO Threads

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Are you starting to show signs of aging or worry about your sagging jawline and want to hide them?

Then you’re probably thinking of a jawline PDO thread lifting.

You might have a lot of questions related to thread lifting. How many PDO threads do I need for the jawline? How long does it last? How much does it cost? The list of queries is a mile long.

So where should you begin your search? This blog will help you to learn about the PDO thread lift procedure, it's before and after benefits, and thread lifting complications.

PDO Threads for Jawline

So, Can PDO threads help jowls? 

No doubt, PDO threads can really help to reduce jowls. Well, how do jowls develop? Jowls usually occur when the skin under the chin becomes saggy, creating an unattractive facial appearance. These droopy and saggy tissues can be uplifted through a PDO threading, which will be placed into the problematic area to tighten and smoothen the area. 

This is also known as “thread lifts”, and can last up to two years. It will require two to three treatments for good results.

These threads inserted into the jawline along the lower half of the cheek, uplift your jowls, tightens your loose skin, and contour your face shape.

PDO Threads for Jawline

Jawline PDO Threads Before and After

When it comes to contouring your face, no doubt, PDO thread lifting gives you an amazing result. The procedure helps to improve the appearance of the jawline, but in some cases, they’re not the only option. 

As the jawline's appearance is dependent on a number of factors, including aging, genetics, weight loss and even face exercises. So, in the case of aging and genetics, it might be the only option for you.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting a jawline PDO thread, make sure to consult with a qualified surgeon or doctor to decide whether they are right for you.

The PDO thread lift and chin augmentation before and after pictures below were done by Dr. Kian Karimi (Rejuva Medical Aesthetics – Los Angeles, United States)

Another PDO thread lift for jowls was done by Dr. Anthony. The following image shows the before and after results of the thread lift.

Jawline PDO Threads Before and After
Jawline PDO Threads Before and After

Non Surgical Face Lift with PDO Lifting Threads

PDO thread lifting uses dissolvable sutures injected into the sagging skin to tighten the loose skin. Whether it is face lifting or re-shaping your jawline, any thread lifting procedure should be done by a certified medical professional. 

jawline pdo threads pain

What Celebrities Have Had PDO Threads?

Face uplifting had been a hot topic in Hollywood and we’re always inspired by a celebrity look if you’re interested to know which celebrity had done thread lifting then these are the famous celebrities who got a thread lift: Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Eva Mendes

Jaw Dropping Pictures of Celebrities Who Got a Thread Lift

  • Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes shared a picture of mono-threading treatment with her fans.

Eva Mendes Celebrity jawline pdo threads lift
  • Gwyneth Paltrow 

Gwyneth Paltrow admits that she had a cosmetic procedure to look young.

Gwyneth Paltrow celebrity jawline pdo thread lift
  • Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd had a PDO thread facelift.

Kelly Dodd celebrity jawline pdo thread lift

Is PDO Thread Lifting  A Low-Risk Process?

Now, what can go wrong with the PDO thread lift? Thread lifts are low-risk procedures and alternatives to traditional facelift plastic surgeries. It involves inserting multiple micro needles into the sagging jawline and they are hooked to a thread that is being pulled from the inside out. The thread is supposed to reshape your jawline, giving you a slimmer face look and a younger appearance.

Jawline PDO Thread Lifting Recovery Time

The recovery time of a PDO thread lifting is quick and short, you can see the results after your jawline lifting procedure after 24hrs. Moreover, it takes one to two weeks to get better threading results and these results can last longer than 2-3 years, as they’re not permanent.

You have to do thread lifting after every 3 years to reshape your jawline again.

Also, the complications associated with PDO thread lift are severe bruising and bleeding, scarring, soreness, and swelling.

Many doctors suggest a liquid diet and limited facial movement after your jaw lifting and these side effects can be treated with medications recommended by your doctor.

If you're considering a PDO thread lift for your jawline or face, we'd advise you to seek a perception from a reputable doctor and get the treatment done if it's appropriate.

Jawline PDO Threads Cost

The average cost per thread is $25-$30 and Jawline PDO Thread Lifting can cost you approximately $700 to $5,000. This non-invasive and low-risk procedure reduces the sign of your aging, and sagging jawline and produces new collagen.

Thread lifting is often considered a non-surgical procedure and the results are longer-lasting than the traditional surgical face lifting will actually cost you around $12,500, which is apparently twice as much as thread lifting.

Factors Affecting the Cost of PDO Thread Lifting

The average cost of thread lifting is dependent on many factors:

  • Number of threads inserted into the skin 
  • Type of threads used in a procedure
  • Especially, the size of your area to be treated
  • Your skin type (Not too loose or sensitive)
  • Level of experienced doctors who have to perform thread lifts
  • Duration and length of the procedure
  • Your geographical location


What do you need to know about Thread Lifts?

  • You shouldn’t have too much loose skin (older age). When doctors try to uplift saggy skin, you would see the skin draping off them.
  • Poor skin quality i.e. extremely thin skin. When the thread is being pulled out, it will come to the skin's surface. (Threads might be visible)
  • Don’t move too much and touch the treated area up to 24hrs after thread lifting (Post Care)

Are PDO threads painful?

They’re kind of painful if it is done in the wrong way. PDO threads are done by medical professionals like doctors or surgeons, they make the threading procedure comfortable but some patients still find PDO threads painful. Clinicians recommend medications to treat the patient’s discomfort and swelling around the treated areas.

Can PDO threads be used on the jawline?

Yes, many patients have done PDO thread lifts on their jawline. These threads can be inserted into the sagging jawline, and the small needles are attached to a thread that is being pulled from the inside out, tightening the loose skin, uplifting your jowls, and re-shape your jawline.

How many PDO threads do I need for the jawline?

It’s totally dependent on the area which is to be treated and how much jaw lifting is required. As many patients require 10-12 threads per area. However, for mild jaw lifting, you will need 4-6 threads on each side.

How long does a jawline thread lift last?

Jawline thread lifting is a popular technique and is usually known for its long-lasting results. When it results compared with other Botox injections and dermal fillers, thread lifting can last you for 2-3 years.

What are jawline PDO threads?

Without surgery, Jawline PDO threads tighten the sagging jawline, firm the skin and contour the neck. To improve muscle contraction, the threads are carefully inserted under the skin, giving you a more toned and defined jawline.

Can PDO threads be used under the chin?

Of course, PDO threads can be used under the chin and effectively treat double chin. PDO thread lifting is a low-cost procedure, and less expensive than chin implants and chin liposuction which can cost you around $3,000 to $5,000. Also, recovery time is short with quick results. 


We hope that you have got enough knowledge about the jawline PDO threads procedure.

With this general information, we hope that you can make better decisions for your cosmetic treatment and improve your jawline appearance.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to reshape your facial appearance today!